You couldn’t imagine not having a memory foam mattress, but narrowing it down to just one from the vast number of online mattress options is a bit tricky, to say the least. In this post, we breakdown two popular memory foam beds Layla and Loom & Leaf, and discuss everything from price, firmness, materials, construction, coupon codes, and much more.

Layla mattress VS. Loom & Leaf mattress
$749 – $1,249Price Range$989 – $2,279
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  • People that like memory foam mattresses
  • If you want a soft bed
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  • If you want a luxury memory foam mattress
  • People that want a firmer bed
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We’re about to throw a ton of information your way, so here’s a quick synopsis of everything we’ll be talking about in this comparison.

  • Price — A queen size Layla mattress costs about $600 less than an equivalent sized mattress from Loom & Leaf (without discounts).
  • Construction Layla took an unconventional approach with a two sided bed, and Loom & Leaf has included a laminated cooling gel panel beneath the cover.
  • Firmness — Layla comes with two different firmness levels; one on each side of the bed. Loom & Leaf, on the other hand, lets you choose between two different firmness levels.
  • Body Type Loom & Leaf is a thicker mattress, and better suited for heavier folks ~230 or more.
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Check out what our man O-dog has to say about Layla vs Loom & Leaf. Otherwise, continue on below!

Why it’s Great
Layla is a memory foam mattress that’s flippable and features a “Soft” and “Firm” side.
Best for
People that like memory foam mattresses
If you want a soft bed
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
120 Nights
Made in


E Off

Why You Should Choose Layla — If you were to twist our arms and ask us who should choose the Layla mattress, we’d say it’s best for any petite to medium sized sleeper looking for a versatile, and quality memory foam bed.

Layla Mattress Review Cover
A look at the queen size Layla mattress

Maybe you have a different sleeper type than your significant other, maybe you’re a combo sleeper and would like to switch firmness levels, or maybe you’re going through a life circumstance that calls for a temporary change in firmness — i.e. pregnancy or surgery. Whatever your reason for wanting a flippable mattress, Layla provides that option for you.

Layla’s Flippable Construction

Not many beds on the online market offer the flippable feature that Layla offers, other than Nest Bedding Flip and the Nest Alexander Signature to name a few, so it’s pretty unique.

The entire mattress is 10” thick, and is mainly supported by a dense layer of polyurethane foam that sits in the middle of the bed.

On the bottom of the dense layer is a thin slab of copper-infused memory foam. This would be the firmer side of the mattress.

layla mattress review updated construction
The flippable construction of Layla’s flagship mattress

On the flip side of the dense support core foam is a 2” layer of foam that looks similar to a carton of eggs. It’s called convoluted foam, and it acts as a transition layer to neutralize that firm support foam slab in the middle.

Above that, on what would be the soft side of the mattress, is a 3” layer of more copper-infused memory foam. The whole idea behind copper-infused memory foam is to help you sleep cooler at night since the copper draws heat away from your body. And while we think Loom & Leaf is a cooler sleeping memory foam bed, it definitely doesn’t hurt!

The soft, hexagonal patterned cover on Layla is made from polyester, viscose, and poly/lycra. And while it’s technically removable, it’s not machine washable. You can either take it to the dry cleaners to get washed, or spot clean small spills with a mild detergent and warm water.

Layla’s Two Firmness Levels

Regardless of which side you choose to sleep on, the bed will feel like pressure relieving memory foam. It’s comfy, contouring, and really nice for anyone who loves a memory foam feel.

Layla’s flippable design enables sleepers to move back and forth between a soft firmness level, and one towards the firmer end of the spectrum. We rated their Soft a medium-soft, and their Firm in between medium and medium-firm.

layla mattress review firmness softness of the bed

This means this bed can accommodate all sleeper types, from side, back, stomach, to combo. Side sleepers will probably want to choose the soft side of the mattress, while back and stomach sleepers should consider sleeping on the firm side.

Combo sleepers can either switch back and forth between sides, or they can cater to their dominant sleeping position — either works.

layla mattress side sleepers review
Layla works for all sleeper types, and gives Owen enough pressure relief while on his side

Keep in mind, a person’s body weight has an effect on the way a mattress feels. So if you’re petite, a mattress will likely feel firmer than what a brand advertises. And vice versa for heavy people — they’ll probably think mattresses feel softer than a medium sized person.

Layla Has A Lower Price Tag

When you compare prices between Layla and Loom & Leaf, both MSRP and after discounts, Layla is the more affordable mattress. Before discounts, a queen size Layla mattress will run you about $1,100, and a queen size Loom & Leaf is about $1,900.

You’ll see a discount from Layla more often than you will from Loom & Leaf, but it still happens every once in a while. For example, at the time of this post, Layla is offering $160 off while Loom & Leaf is giving customers $100 off. This is always subject to change, though, so stay up-to-date with prices either on this page, or at Layla’s website and Loom & Leaf’s website.

Loom & Leaf
Loom & Leaf
Why it’s Great
Loom & Leaf is one of the nicest, most luxurious memory foam mattresses online. It comes in two firmness profiles and has an organic cotton cover.
Best for
If you want a luxury memory foam mattress
People that want a firmer bed
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
180 Nights
15 Years
Made in


Up To $250 Off Applied In Cart

Who Will Love Loom & Leaf — Long story short, Loom & Leaf appeals to those who want a luxury mattress, for less than what you’d pay for traditional premium memory foam mattresses such as TempurPedic.

Loom Leaf Mattress Review Cover Shot
The premium memory foam mattress from the folks over at Saatva

That’s what their parent company Saatva is really known for; quality products at an affordable price. Though, we aren’t saying it’s a budget mattress by any means, it’s more expensive than most online mattresses. But you really get what you pay for, as Loom & Leaf is made from premium materials, like organic cotton, top-grade memory foam, and advanced cooling technology.

Loom & Leaf’s Thick All-Foam Construction

Loom & Leaf is a thicker mattress than Layla and many bed-in-a-box brands you can find on the online space. Its about 11-12” thick, and consists of five different layers.

The first layer of Loom & Leaf is a thick, 5.5” slab of support foam, which is standard as most foam beds use this type of foam as a solid support system for the rest of the mattress.

loom and leaf mattress review construction
A peek inside the layers of Loom & Leaf

Next comes a 2” transition loft pad, which is exactly what it sounds like — a transition layer so you don’t feel that dense support foam slab on the bottom.

The third layer from the bottom is a 2.5” layer of five pound visco-elastic memory foam. It’s the traditional memory foam you’re probably used to, slow responding and viscous.

On top of that, is a layer of four pound gel-swirl memory foam, which is essentially where the mattress gets a bulk of its comfort from.

This is also where you can find that cooling gel panel we mentioned earlier. It’s laminated into the top cover of the mattress, and it’s made from the same material that hospitals use to treat burn victims.

loom and leaf mattress review
The construction of Loom & Leaf’s laminated cooling gel panel

Although Layla designs their beds with copper-infused memory foam, we’d say this stuff is more efficient at cooling you down during the night.

The cover is made from organic cotton, and it’s extremely plush and luxurious looking. We think it makes the mattress look like something you’d find in a really fancy hotel. If you get it dirty, though, you’ll have to spot clean because the cover is non removable, and not machine washable.

Loom & Leaf Firmness And Feel

Loom & Leaf isn’t a flippable mattress, but the brand does give you an option between two firmness levels at checkout, which is something we appreciate. You can choose between either Relaxed Firm, or Firm.

We rated their Relaxed Firm model a medium-firm on our scale, and their Firm model a solid Firm.

loom & leaf mattress review firmness for loom and leaf

Although we usually suggest firmer beds to stomach and back sleepers, we think this bed offers a pressure relieving memory foam feel that makes it decent for heavy to average side sleepers as well.

With that said, we’d recommend their Firm model to stomach and back sleepers, and their Relaxed Firm model to side sleepers.

loom and leaf mattress review side sleepers
Average to larger side sleepers like Owen would likely enjoy Loom & Leaf

The only type of sleeper we wouldn’t suggest this bed to is a petite side sleeper. In that case, this bed is probably way too firm. We’d say to try out the soft side of the Layla mattress, or look at our Best Plush Beds list.

Our Verdict

We know making a purchase on a mattress can be a big decision, so here are the main questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to choosing between Layla and Loom & Leaf.

  • Are you looking for a firmer mattress, or one that offers softer options?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on your mattress?
  • Would you prefer a flippable mattress?
  • Do you or your partner tend to sleep warm?
  • Are you a heavier individual over 230-250 lbs?

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